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[email protected] #84

[email protected] by DJ Wassie Wasana Wirachartplee. The one the original.

Playlist as of Aug 22, 2008

01 The Dandy Warhols – And Then I Dreamt Of Yes
02 The Oranges – Rain
03 The Verve – judas
04 Pete and The Pirates – She Doesn’t Belong To Me
05 The Vox – Trainsong
06 The Faint – Sex Is Personal
07 Foals – Electric Ballroom
08 The Loveless – Suicide Machines
09 Friendly Fires – Your Love
10 Man Man – Mister Jung Stuffed
11 Late Of The Pier – Broken (Fairy Lights Mix)
12 Firewater – Some kind of kindness
13 Sleep Station – Silver In The Sun
14 Kinematic ”The 38th Parallel’ – Love & Graffiti
15 Sea Wolf – Don’t You Love Me Anymore
16 Destroyer – My Favorite Year
17 The Presets – If I Know You
18 Hooverphonic – Expedition Impossible
19 Hoodie – Mulligan
20 Love is Chemicals – The Blossom & the Butterfly
21 Moorehead – Full Spectrum Dominance
22 Little California – Break Me Down
23 The Pristines – All Washed Out
24 The Delicious – Hokusai
25 Swingset Champion – Honesty Overcomes
26 Operahouse – Man next door
27 Search The City – Clocks And Timepieces
28 Sons and Daughters – Rebel With The Ghost
29 The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose To Give It (The Whip Remix)

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Firewater was birthed in a Brooklyn basement in the long, hot summer of 1997. Depressed, broke, and desperate, ex-Cop Shoot Cop leader Tod A tossed away a major label deal and a free meal ticket to launch what – at the time – was a crazy proposition: a punk band fueled by gypsy and klezmer tunes. Tod had stumbled upon a dusty box of records and cassettes in a Russian junk shop on East 14th street, and had fallen in love with the happy/sad conflict embodied in Eastern European melodies. He wanted to combine the mystery and melodrama of these tragic-comic sounds with the energy of his first love: punk rock. (more)

Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/realfirewater


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