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Radioactive TOP40 of 2010

[email protected] by DJ Wassie Wasana Wirachartplee. The one the original.

Radioactive TOP40 of 2010

40 Everything is Made in China – Sleepwalking
39 Twin Shadow – When We’re Dancing
38 Francis International Airport – Monsters
37 Perfume Genius – Mr. Petersen
36 Chapel  Club – The Shore
35 Wintersleep – Black Camera
34 Film School – Nothing’s Mine
33 Team Ghost – High Hopes
32 The Depreciation Guild – Crucify You
31 Class Actress – Adolescent Heart
30 Cee Lo Green – What Part of Forever
29 The Alexandria Quartet – Travel The World With You
28 Abe Vigoda – Repeating Angel
27 Children Collide – Loveless
26 Detroit Social Club – Kiss The Sun
25 Wild Nothing – My Angel Lonely
24 A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Drink drank drunk
23 Beat! Beat! Beat! – Stars
22 AaRON – Seeds Of Gold
21 The Courteeners – The Opener
20 Eight Legs – Over & Over
19 Raised By Swans – Hail of Arrows
18 Systems Officer – East
17 Burn Before Reading – You’ll Never Know
16 The Morning Benders – Excuses
15 Elephant Stone – Behind Those Eyes
14 Italian Japanese – Paper Tigers
13 Crocodiles – Stoned To Death
12 The Ghost Is Dancing – Dream of a Failed Architect
11 Stars – I Died So I Could Haunt You
10 Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
09 Surfer Blood – Harmonix
08 School Of Seven Bells – Heart is Strange
07 a silent film – you will leave a mark
06 Avi Buffalo – What’s In It For?
05 The Kissaway Trail – Sdp
04 Dark Captain Light Captain – Jealous Enemies
03 Cherry Ghost – We Sleep On Stones
02 REVERE – The Escape Artist
01-1 Dappled Cities – Slow For Me My Island
01-2 Dappled Cities – Answer Is Zero
01-3 Dappled Cities – The Price
01-4 Dappled Cities – The Price (King Unique Remix)

satellite-transparent-icon New Band Radar (of The Year)

Dappled Cities

Sydney, Australia (1997 – present)

Dappled Cities (formerly Dappled Cities Fly) are a five-piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their music has been described as art rock or experimental pop. Their guitar-based songs typically combine melodies with the complex time signatures and tempo changes associated with post rock. Occasional falsetto vocals and the use of effects pedals (delay in particular) are also characteristic of their sound.

The band, originally called Periwinkle, came together in the suburbs in 1997 when 15-year-olds Dave Rennick and Hugh Boyce were joined by Alex Moore and English-born Tim Derricourt. These guys have gone to school on David Bowie and The Boomtown Rats, and it shows.

That isn’t to say they are unoriginal. Far from it. But just as Bowie and Bob Geldof were influenced by Lou Reed and others before them, these youngsters owe much to the older generation before them. At the same time, they are helping to give the genre its own dark, absurd  twist. It is hard work, and few bands can pull it off. But Dappled Cities managed  to succeed where others have failed.

Each song is different, and everyone will have their favorites. Yet no one can deny the virtuosity of these men from down under.Imagine the combination of the sweet mockery of THE DIVINE COMEDY meets the intriguing complexity of THE ARCADE FIRE plus the sophistication of DAVID BOWIE! And that’s how I think about this band.

In 2009 their 4th album “Zounds” was so well-crafted and full of experiments of complex sounds again which could take us down various memory lanes and their imaginations go on…..


* Dave Rennick – guitar, vocals
* Tim Derricourt – guitar, vocals
* Ned Cooke – keyboard, sampler
* Allan Kumpulainen – drums
* Alex Moore – bass
* And there you have it ! RADIOACTIVE’s #1 BAND OF 2010 – DAPPLED CITY, a truly great band that we should never overlook!

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